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"Christian Care Sleep Center"

The Number One Sleep Center in South Texas

Christian Care Sleep Center

christian care sleep center healthy sleep

Christian Care Sleep Center is South Texas’ premier provider of accurate sleep study evaluations and solutions. We care for patients with all sleep disorders and offer professional staff, the latest diagnostic equipment, and personalized attention in a comfortable environment. Our mission is to provide the highest quality compassionate medical care on an individualized basis for those that may be suffering from sleep disorders. Call (361) 723-2130

Symptoms of Sleep Disorder

sleep apnea symptoms
Some of the symptoms of sleep apnea are weight gain, snoring, fatique, high blood pressure, diabetes, and depression. Often these symptoms are not associated with sleep disorders until proper diagnoses by a medical professional familiar with sleep health. A professional sleep test is required to properly asses the specific problem and the correct treatment. Take the self test. If you recognize any of the common symptoms, consider a professional sleep study by Christian Care Sleep CenterCall (361) 723-2130

Healthy Sleep

good sleepHealthy sleep is essential to overall health. With proper diagnosis and treatment, you can begin to have restorative and healthy sleep. You’ll experience all the benefits that only come from not only getting the correct amount of sleep, but getting the deep healthy REM sleep that is necessary for proper functioning of the mind and body. Talk to your doctor and call Christian Care Sleep Center today to talk to a sleep health professional. Call (361) 723-2130