Your Guide to Healthy Sleep

restful sleepWhen you’re in a rush to meet work, school, family,
or household responsibilities, do you cut back on your
sleep? Like many people, you might think that sleep is
merely a “down time” when the brain shuts off and the
body rests. Think again.
What Is Sleep?
Sleep was long considered just a uniform block of time
when you are not awake. Thanks to sleep studies done
over the past several decades, it is now known that
sleep has distinctive stages that cycle throughout the
night. Your brain stays active throughout sleep, but
different things happen during each stage. For instance,
certain stages of sleep are needed for us to feel well
rested and energetic the next day, and other stages
help us learn or make memories.
In brief, a number of vital tasks carried out during sleep
help maintain good health and enable people to function
at their best. On the other hand, not getting enough sleep
can be dangerous—for example, you are more likely to be
in a car crash if you drive when you are drowsy.

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